The power of the group. How do we turn 30 straight lines into a circle?

‘We align around a common cause to shape the future. We use diverse perspectives to make us stronger. Together we can do more that we can do apart.’

Circular Futures is a joint project run by Ashoka and the eBay Foundation. Its aim is to bring together thirty candidates from the entrepreneurial, corporate and public sectors who wish to lead the transition to a circular economy based on re-use, recycling and repair.

Through a series of workshops, seminars and presentations, applicants are given tools and skills which they can then use to help their own organisations move towards a more circular future.

An identity was created around an iconic and inspiring mark which was a direct representation of thirty lines coming together to form a circle. The mark is inward looking with focus and purpose but also looks outward to the future at the same time. Extending the visual language of lines could also suggest ideas of thought, interaction and the germination of ideas.

Alongside the logo, a vibrant, fresh and optimistic visual language was created which extended the visual language of the lines, and applied to a website, posters, stickers, publications and other marketing materials.

The overall aim was to make prospective candidates excited about the programme and to feel a sense of belonging and purpose.