Branding, identity, website and marketing materials for a data analytics company in the energy sector

As Onzo moved in a different strategic direction – away from a consumer level, product-service offering  towards pure data science and analytics – a brand identity refresh was needed. It was important to try and communicate a sense of scientific, data driven rigour but also an element of creativity.

As well as a new core audience of electricity utility companies the new identity had to be attractive to potential utility clients, new investors and employees as well as energising and giving confidence to the existing Onzo team.

Graphic elements and styles were developed around the idea of clustering data points, depth and layering, all to reflect the field of data science and analytics in which Onzo now operated. These elements could be applied in various combinations to communicate the Onzo offering.

The overall aim was to provide visual coherence, balance and structure whilst allowing for flexible and dynamic variation according to the needs of the content.

To strengthen the identity, a group of icons were developed for the Onzo product modules. A guideline document was also provided.

A fully responsive website was also developed, designed to work across screens of all sizes. On-screen were designed to stretch horizontally with the grid where necessary, and still retain meaning.