Pachube was a real-time data monitoring platform for the Internet of Things. The free service allowed users to store, share and visualise data from any sensor or device that they wish (including fridges!).

Pachube had a worldwide user base, this was communicated on the front page as a real-time map displaying live Pachube ‘Feeds’.

The site was designed with ease of interaction in mind. The key was for users to be able to find and manage data feeds quickly and easily. Tags and units of measurement, both entered by users themselves, were highlighted clearly and made highly visible and searchable. Discovery of feeds was made a priority – a site containing so much rich information should have as many entry points into that information as possible.

To avoid a clichéd ‘Web 2.0′ aesthetic a utilitarian high contrast, functional black and yellow colour scheme was used, along with a strong grid and bold typography. To reflect the principles of connectivity and hacking at Pachube’s core, images of wires, tools, output devices and other objects from these worlds were used as background images on a virtual Pachube ‘workbench’.

Pachube was acquired by LogMeIn soon after the rebrand.