With its Smart Energy Kit, Onzo aimed to provide people with useful and engaging information about their home energy use, on a portable display and web interface. I was a co-founder and 2D design lead at Onzo from its pre-funding startup stage, through a multi-million pound funding round, up until its first products and services were produced and launched through SSE Energy.

Onzo required a brand and identity that was recognisable, iconic and which would make the company stand out against a number of similar, but less compelling offerings from other companies.

As a consumer facing company, the brand and identity needed to be engaging, human, and crucially, make a potentially uninteresting subject – energy usage – seem engaging, worthwhile and easy to understand.

Over the course of two years, I helped to define the Onzo brand, then to drive and develop its 2D design across the business, from identity design, web experience, and marketing communications. I also collaborated on the design of the Onzo display, a large part of which included work on the product interface itself.

Outputs included brand strategy, identity, website, on-product graphics, web interface, marketing materials and all other graphical output for the company.

The Onzo Smart Energy Kit was awarded a Red Dot Design Award.