Robert Worby is a London based composer, sound artist, writer and broadcaster, with a special interest in experimental music and sound.

I created a visual identity for him that had the flexibility to be applied to any number of graphical outputs including posters, CDs, business cards, mailing envelopes and his website. 

The visual starting point came from the interfaces, physical properties and characteristics of old and new studio audio equipment – dials, knobs, inputs, ouputs, tape reels, patch bays, wires, buttons, circuitry, amplification and distortion. Graphical scores from the likes of John Cage, Earle Brown and Cornelius Cardew were also an inspiration.

A simple grid was created around which a number of graphic elements could be created and arranged, including a monogram which could shift its form in response to sound, and be applied in different variations according to need.

Graphically, it was important that the identity could be applied with varying levels of volume, from quiet and restrained to loud and expressive. This would give the flexibility of application needed to keep the identity fresh and interesting over a longer period of time, and to reflect the requirements of Worbys’ different projects.

A document was also produced which showed the development of this visual strategy.