Onzo, data science and analytics

FSB, live sports betting platform

Ignite, Centricas’ social enterprise incubator

Proudfoot, film and production company

Triodos Renewable investment fund

Federation, Brixton based coffee roasters

The Frame, Web-based film channel

Audio Art, vintage hi-fi inspired artwork

Vie, stock photography book and campaign

Ourspace, online educational tool for kids

Circular Futures, collaboration towards a circular economy

Hanky, sustainable tissue made from bamboo

Mime Industries, robot kits for kids and schools

i2O, smart water network company

Mimo, Telecare for the elderly

Eat-A-Rainbow, local food co-operative

Latitudes, multi-disciplinary curatorial practice

Ethical Media, communications agency 

Jill, screen-printed leather goods and prints

The Hub, office spaces for social entrepreneurs

Primal, Solar industry consultancy and investment

Rob Worby, monogram for sound artist

Pachube, web platform for the internet of things

SpeakEasy, a government initiative to encourage dialogue within families

Jigu, Korean skincare product seller