Proposed identity for a Brixton based café and coffee company.

In a retail coffee market dominated by high street giants on one side and geeky micro-roasters on the other, Federation wanted to offer a different kind of experience; one which was less straight laced than the micro-roasters, more engaging than the faceless chains, but maintaining an emphasis on quality, great taste and a friendly informal atmosphere – a coffee shop and brand independent in spirit and not just in name.

In line with a brand strategy focused on disruption, a visual and written language was developed around the idea of 'revolution'. With bold, irreverent sloganeering, confident graphics and a willingness to have a sideways dig at the big boys now and again, the identity was designed to reflect the attitude of, and sit comfortably in Brixton Market, London, the location of the flagship Federation coffee shop.

Graphical inspiration was taken from 20th century revolutionary movements of Europe, Russia and Latin America. Fonts, colours and graphic elements were chosen and designed to communicate the tongue-in-cheek revolutionary feel. Outputs included a word mark, copy, posters, pack labels, signage and various other outputs.

Project in collaboration with Design Strategist, Ben Maxwell.