Tom Williams has been working on the BHF’s Annual Report for the past three years. As the project manager for this important document I have been exceptionally lucky to work with Tom, with his design skills, flexibility and judgement.

Tom has worked within our brand guidelines, employing and producing different design techniques to help lift the stories off the page. The design is fresh, clean and striking. This coupled with a flexible approach to getting the job done has been invaluable.

Maria Sullivan, Head of Public Engagement – British Heart Foundation

We value Tom highly as a freelance designer and he’s become an integral part of our team over the last two years. He knows our brand inside out, works well with our team members and is an excellent business partner for our colleagues commissioning projects. Tom runs his projects efficiently and collaboratively and always matches our high creative and technical standards. Most recently, he took on the mammoth task of designing our Report and Accounts in the difficult circumstances of the first lockdown and delivered an excellent job.

In short, he’s a bit of a diamond.

Gill Westwood, Head of Design – British Heart Foundation

I'm a PE/venture-backed company CEO. Not many CEOs probably know who does their design work. But I do. It's Tom, and I'd choose him every time. He is an outstanding graphic designer, great to work with, produces enduring work, and understands how to communicate the essence of a brand.

Joel Hagan, CEO – i2O Water

Tom was a joy to work with. He was able to capture the spirit of our brand in a simple, elegant and impactful way. He was amazing at advising us on the branding issues we had. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results and couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Anabel Leibovic Farrar, Co-founder – Jigu

Tom has been brilliant at re-designing the Proudfoot website and identity – he’s actually done the website twice; carefully understanding the strange evolution and somewhat eccentric nature of our company. Like all great designers Tom is forensic in his research and inspired with the raw material he finds. He then crafts everything into a meticulous, beautiful, visual and literary order. He has helped us understand who we are and been absolutely pivotal in expressing this outward to prospective clients or to anyone lucky enough to find our site on the internet.

Michael Proudfoot, Creative Director – Proudfoot Films