A written dissertation combined with a visual experiment, this was a series of three illustrated books examining the place of rap music and hip-hop culture in relation to other genres of entertainment across TV, film and media.

Through the process of making the books I tried to follow strategies and techniques used in hip-hop music and culture, for example:

Creating something that is simultaneously old and new – cutting up and ‘remixing’ old stock imagery, screengrabs from films, excerpts from song lyrics to convey a new message.

Making the most of materials and processes that are to hand – The pages of each book were designed 'freestyle' by passing each page through a cheap inkjet printer numerous times. A graphic element was drawn on screen on a template, printed, then deleted, followed by the next element, and the next, and so on. In this way no permanent digital record of the artwork for the books exists, like many early live rap performances.

A four colour screen printed poster was also produced, along with accompanying sketchbooks.